Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) Upcoming iPad Pro 2 Expected To Be Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Killer

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Apple is expected to launch a heavily upgraded iPad Pro 2 by March 2017

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is currently working on multiple devices which has given the tech world a lot to look forward to. One of these devices is the iPad Pro 2 which is rumored to be a major upgrade from the current iPad Pro. Multiple sites speculate that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 will serve as a major rival to Microsoft’s next generation Surface Pro. Apple is clearly not messing around and wants to ensure that it regains its former title as top tablet manufacturer. Here is The Country Caller’s take on Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro 2!

The biggest upgrade for the next generation iPad Pro is Apple’s all new A10 processor, which will make it the most powerful iPad ever released. The A10 processor is designed to virtually improve the performance and efficiency of any device in which it is implemented. Taiwan-based semiconductor maker will manufacture the A10 processing chipset, which is also responsible for manufacturing Apple’s A9 processing chipset. However, the next-gen A10 processing chips will not be ready for mass production until early 2017, which will cause a delay in the release of the next generation iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro 2 is expected to sport a similar 9.7-inch retina display screen but unlike its predecessor, it is rumored to support 4K videos. Multiple sources speculate the iPad Pro 2 to come installed with graphic cards from AMD and NVIDIA. The next-gen iPad Pro is also expected to offer an upgraded 12-megapixel rear camera with iSight implementation and a 5-megapixel front facing snapper with Retina Flash support and HD FaceTime capabilities. On the other hand, the next generation iPad Pro 2 is expected to offer a similar 256GB of internal storage like its predecessor model.

Apple will release its next generation iPad Pro in March 2017 and the base model will retail at $799 at least. The company improved its original iPad Pro in every aspect and Microsoft should be well aware of a possible clash between its upcoming Surface Pro 5 and the iPad Pro 2. The Surface series might have finally met a worthy opponent in the form of Apple’s next generation iPad Pro.

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