Consumer discretionary Launches Music Service “AMZN Music Unlimited”

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Amazon hopes its new streaming service will prove to be an adequate competition for the big players in the market, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has launched its music streaming service called “Amazon Music Unlimited” today, to compete with the mainstream established services like Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple Music and Spotify.

Amazon’s strategy to eat into the market share held by the two biggest services is simple: Offer additional discounts for users with existing subscriptions to Amazon products and services. Using Music Unlimited on Amazon Tap, Echo, or Dot will cost only $4, while Prime customers also get a sweet deal at $8 per month.

Apart from offering discounts and reduced subscription charges, Amazon hopes that its hardware will also drive the subscriptions for its music streaming service. Adoption of its Echo speakers and Alexa voice assistant has been on the up, and Amazon hopes to avoid doing a Fire Phone with Music Unlimited by promising a much better experience when coupled with Alexa and Echo.

Another major point on which Amazon hopes to build up Music Unlimited is its operation in tandem with the Alexa assistant. From playing tracks based on your listening habits to searching the lyrics for the song that’s stuck in your head for a while, an optimal experience that could change the way you listen to music at home could be a simple subscription away.

It also helps that your music streaming at home would not only be improved by pairing the two services, but you’ll get a healthy discount for it as well. Its measures like these that Amazon hopes to count upon as it readies itself to go toe-to-toe with services like Spotify and Apple Music that have carved out their markets.

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