Despite lack of optimism in the capital markets, future prospects of the 18-year-old company are bright

Published By: Nabeel Khan on January 6, 2017 07:47 am EST

Streaming giant, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX), has managed to lure a lot of investors in recent times, evidence of which is traced by a new 52-week high level registered by the company yesterday. Now that we witness a lot of optimism in the capital markets, it is important to see what are the future prospects of the 18-year-old company. Original content has been one of the strongest areas of the $57.42 billion company, while it still banks on it to gain a strong foothold in international markets.

This is why the Scotts Valley based company has decided to convert a web comic into a drama for the Korean audience. Considering the fact that Korea’s viewers have a high level of addictiveness for drama shows, it appears to be just the right move by CEO Reed Hastings, as Netflix can very well take advantage of this craze.

The new show “Love Alarm” is a story of a software engineer, who develops an app that can tell people if anyone in a radius of 10 meters has a crush on them. The streaming giant has joined hands with the production team that has thus far produced a number of award winning drama’s so far.

The series goes on air in 2018, while Netflix’s vice president for communications seems very optimistic prior to the release. He said, “We want ‘Love Alarm,’ the TV series, to exhibit the liveliness and expression of emotions, with visual treatments that will reflect Ms Chon’s vision when she created the story,”

While that appears to be the only positive catalyst till now, investor sentiment appears to be positive as yet again we observe a bull dominated before market trading session. Short interest is also on the lower side, while research firms also continue to hold higher price targets.