Apple Inc. (AAPL) AirPods Shipment Delays Reportedly Caused by Sync Issues

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AirPods were supposed to ship in October, but there’s still no word on when they’ll actually start doing so

As reported by Wall Street Journal, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to miss the holiday season shipping period that it targeted for the shipping of its Bluetooth-powered wireless “AirPods.” Why, you ask? It’s because they can’t seem to sync the audio output on the left and right buds. 

At the launch of iPhone 7 in September, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller came out and exclaimed that AirPods were the future of wireless audio output and they’d be shipping later in the same month. However, soon after, it was announced by Apple that AirPods have encountered a slight shipping delay, without announcing a new date for shipping. 

An Apple spokesperson stated that the company doesn’t believe in shipping products that are not yet ready, but one has to ask, why announce on stage of your biggest annual event that it would be ready before time? That late-September delay has now found its way to December, and it looks Apple are set to miss the holiday sales season with its AirPods. 

As for why it seems to be missing the holiday period, it is reported that Apple is currently having difficulties syncing the audio between the two pieces of the Pods. Strange as it may sound, Apple is yet to discover a major issue that has hampered the development of the AirPods so much that they’ve not only missed their initial release date, but it looks like they won’t be here this year at all. 

There is no doubt that the delay in release will definitely cause some grief for the Cupertino company, not to mention the loss of revenue that it would’ve otherwise earned from the holiday period. While it is unlike Apple to miss the release date of an apparent ‘revolutionary wireless product,’ users would be hoping that when it finally drops, it is worth the wait.

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