Pokemon Go Now Live In United Kingdom And Germany

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UK and Germany have now joined the United States, Australia and New Zealand to get the game officially

Pokemon Go needs no introduction now; after only a few days of being launched in a couple of countries, the augmented reality pokemon game has shaken up the world with its impact. Now, that impact is coming to the United Kingdom and Europe for the first time, as the app has now gone live on both Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS and Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Android OS.

Pokemon Go initially launched only in Australia and New Zealand and later came to the United States, where it proved to be an overnight success among users of all ages; pokemon trainers were found in hordes to be walking around catching their favorite pokemon whether it was night or day. The users reportedly didn’t even care whether they were in a cemetery or a memorial of the victims of Nazism, as news reached us yesterday that the U.S Holocaust Museum had asked users to stop playing Pokemon Go inside the premises. But as you know, if you spot a rare Pikachu, you’ve got to catch it!

Pokemon Go was launched in Germany before it was brought over to the UK where you should now expect to see young and old trainers trying to match each other out on the streets with smartphones in their hands. Of course, not a lot of users had been waiting anxiously for the launch in the two countries as multiple methods on both iOS and Android are being used around the world to install it, irrespective of region and whether the game is launched in the particular country or not.

But now that the game is launched in Germany and UK, more users could drift towards the app that now has more engagement time than Facebook in the US, as some have even found the alternate methods cumbersome.

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