Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL) Project Magenta Creates Its First Ever Melody

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Google’s AI software has created a 90-second piano melody on its own.

Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) artificial intelligence software ‘Magenta’ has created and released a 90-second piano melody on its own through a trained neural network. This answers the question positively that neural networks can independently compose. The company is on the journey to perfect robotic assistance for users and plans to implement its artificial intelligence software to independently carry out functions.

Google initiated Project Magenta to figure out a way for artificial intelligence to be creative itself without human input. In recent years, many companies have attempted to create independent artificial intelligence systems but rarely succeeded. Magenta imports musical data from its users MIDI files onto its TensorFLow, which learns from the data and creates new and independent ‘musical chills.’ Music is the first stage of Project Magenta; later there are plans in place for the company to test its AI software in the fields of image and video creation.

Google’s Project Magenta has two clear goals in place. Primarily, Project Magenta was designed to research and develop ways to progress the state of art and creativity in artificial intelligence, enabling it to generate art and music on its own. It evolves and develops algorithms in order to learn independently and develop artistic and musical content along the process. The second goal of the project is to help develop a society of like-minded people, who can further strengthen the community through sharing their knowledge of machine learning models. Over time, the company anticipates that its AI program will further evolve and assist musical composers to generate musical content.

The AI program is still learning to walk before it can run, so the musical content created by the system is not great, but it is a start. In the near future, actual musical composers and songwriters will keep a dominant position in the musical industry, as artificial intelligence software is not yet ready to take over their mantle. Google has the vision and system in place but Project Magenta is just the first piece of a very complicated and large jigsaw puzzle that will paint a clearer picture to whether artificial intelligence can actually replicate human creativity or even better it.

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