Bungie’s Destiny: Zen Meteor Sniper and Other PlayStation Exclusive Gear Detailed

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A recent blog post shows the new set of exclusives for PlayStation users

Activision Blizzard Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ATVI) Destiny is set to receive its April Update next week and as with any update in the period before release, there is bound to be hype and creation of hype by developers of games. A while ago, it was announced that Sony Corp.’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation users are going to receive the exclusive Zen Meteor Sniper with the April Update and a recent blog post reveals details about the Sniper Rifle along with other exclusive gear.

According to this post on the official PlayStation Blog, the Zen Meteor Sniper Rifle is going to have a perk called Dynamite and this perk will grant explosive rounds and rapid kills with rounds is going to increase damage for 5 seconds. The other perk on the weapon is called “with a laser beam” which is going to cause an extra explosion when the extra round gained from Dynamite is fired. This weapon is going to be available via the usual sources of Year Two weapons which mean that you will be able to obtain it via decrypting engrams and via the Oryx fight. For those wondering, since the weapon is PlayStation exclusive, it will not be available via the weekend vendor Xur.

The other exclusive for PlayStation users is a sparrow called Velumbra which is going to be available after completing an exclusive quest named “Essence of Darkness.” There are no details mentioned about the activity but the screenshot suggests that the activity takes place in the Court of Oryx. Other than this, there is a set of armor that is exclusive to PlayStation users as well and details of these can be found on the post.

With that said, the April Update continues to amaze. The new features and gear incoming with the update is certainly going to be a treat for every guardian out there and we cannot wait for Tuesday, April 12 when the update goes live. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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