Pokemon GO’s Fifth Nest Migration Is Here

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Well, that was quick

Most of you would know that Pokemon Nests in Pokemon GO tend to rotate every now and then. Back when the first two migrations took place, players believed that there is a common trend between them as each of them happened after 24 days.

However, the past couple of Migrations have been completely random which makes us believe that there is no way to predict when these migrations will take place. And now, after just a couple of weeks, the fifth migration is here.

One of the biggest online Pokemon GO communities, The Silph Road, has confirmed that Pokemon GO nests have in fact migrated. For more details, check out the official Reddit post here. If you want to check out which Pokemon nests have changed and what type of Pokemon is now nested there, check out the Silph Road’s Nest Atlas here.

And that’s not all. According to several sources on Reddit, players have been encountering rarer spawn points. This means that after the migration, Pokemon Go users have been coming across more rare Pokemon than usual. However, since these are just speculations, we can’t confirm if this has actually happened.

We would advise you to go around your usual Pokemon Nest and check for yourself if this change has in fact taken place as we all know Niantic isn’t telling us anything. For more details, check out this video below of the YouTuber Channel, Trainer Tips, explaining what all has happened after the fifth migration.

Comment below and let us know what you think of Niantic’s Pokemon GO. Is this game going to last? Or has the game seen its best of days?

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