After much anticipation, Apple has finally launched its new wireless earphones

Published By: Ken Bock on January 4, 2017 12:17 pm EST

A recent survey conducted by 9to5Mac has revealed that majority of users feel that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is charging a bit too much for its new wireless pair of earphones, also known as the Apple AirPods. Also, users believe that an estimated shipping time of 6 weeks is another reason why they prefer going against Apple’s new wireless earphones. Hence, if you are dead set on not splashing $159 on the Apple AirPods, read this quick review of the best alternate wireless earphones you can purchase from the market.

Beats Powerbeats (Price Tag: $179.99)

AppleInsider has labelled Beats’ Powerbeats3 as the most reliable pair of wireless earphones that it has ever come across. Interestingly, the sports-focused wireless headphones incorporate Apple W1 chipset which ensures seamless pairing with a compatible Apple device including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The bluetooth-connected earphone is designed to provide 12-hour battery life which is better than what you get from your everyday pair of wireless earphones.

Earin M1 (Price Tag: $139.50)

The Earin M1 is a pair of Bluetooth-enabled earbuds which are designed to provide a comfortable fit inside users’ ears. The wireless earphones ship with three pairs of ear tips and stabilizers which are designed to ensure users always get that perfect fit whenever they put on the Earin M1. Although the wireless earphone lacks in providing reasonable bass, Earin has done a wonderful job at cutting out most of unwanted ambient noise from mid-range distances. The Earin M1 provides a mere two-and-a-half hours of battery life but its charging case is designed to efficiently charge the earbuds up to around three times.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium (Price Tag: $129.95)

This unique wireless pair of earphones is designed to transmit sound with the help of bone conduction technology. With bone conduction earphones, sound is not sent to users’ ear canal; instead, sound waves are vibrated throughout the soft bones present in the front region of the human ear. Interestingly, this allows users to listen to ambient noise while carrying out other activities which require such users to listen to whatever is happening around them. On a flipside, these particular wireless earphones will only provide a maximum battery life of six hours.