Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL) Google Highly Rumored to be Working on its Next-Gen Pixel Devices

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Google is reportedly set to announce two new Pixel devices in place of its Project Ara smartphone

The latest reports have backed Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to launch two new Pixel smartphone devices, as the tech giant has decided to call off its highly anticipated modular smartphone Project Ara. Google was earlier believed to be working on a modular smartphone concept, dubbed Project Ara, which would allow users to simply upgrade main components of the smartphone device and not constantly replace their entire smartphone device. The news was first reported by Android Police, who has claimed that its close reliable sources have confirmed that the tech giant will be announcing two new Pixel smartphone devices by the coming month of October. There has not been any significant news regarding the rumored Pixel devices from Google but there is a high chance that the upcoming devices could make an instant impact in the smartphone world.

According to numerous credible sites, Google will release its “Pixel” and “Pixel XL” smartphone devices which could feature high-end specification and top-of-the-line hardware offerings. Interestingly, there have been strong rumors that the next generation of Pixel smartphone devices will have similar traits as the upcoming Google Nexus devices. So, there is a high chance that HTC will be involved in the designing and production for the rumored Google Pixel smartphone devices.

Even though the latest reports have pointed towards Project Ara being called off but there is still a high chance that the promising smartphone concept will see the light of day in the near future. Previously, there were numerous reliable reports stating that Google had successfully managed to find partners to collaborate on its Project Ara. Hopefully, Google will shed some light on when it plans to finally introduce a modular smartphone device.

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