The Division’s Latest Hotfix Removes Incursion Glitch; Missing Players; Players Penalization

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A lot has been happening in the world of The Division

Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s (EPY:UBI) The Division has a lot going on lately. The developers of the game seem to have a lot on their hands thanks to the APC glitch that has been making the fight easier to complete. However, it looks like that easiness was short lived as a hotfix is now live to rectify this issue.

According to recent reports, The Division servers were taken offline recently for thirty minutes and a hotfix was released to fix the APC exploit that allowed players to damage the APC without having to trigger a new wave. The update also fixes the weekly reward glitch that players have been using and will now receive rewards how they are supposed to. Following the update, it was reported that the reward glitch was still doable and was not fixed. Due to this, Ubisoft issued another hotfix for the game just moments later which disabled weekly rewards altogether until the next weekly reset. The update also fixes the reported missing characters issue that has caused an outcry among the players. The characters have now been restored according to their status on April 12 and all of the progress after that has been lost, unfortunately.

Ubisoft also commented on the matter of exploitation recently. The developer said that those who have taken part in using exploits to get loot drops over the normal allowance are going to be penalized for this and that all of their additional loot drops are just temporary as of right now. There were no other details revealed on the matter but it is safe to say that all of that extra gear is going to disappear soon.

That being said, The Division’s present game status is pretty sad to say the very least. The game is having numerous problems, bugs and glitches. If Ubisoft does not get their act together really soon, it is going to be game over for them because the entire player base has to suffer because of a few people who decide to use exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Even if we overlook the fact that there are going to do rewards this week, the patches and the fixes being released are not actually fixing the problem at hand. The game has numerous bugs and glitches that are not being addresses as they should and it is only a matter of time before the game self-destructs if it is not fixed and worked on accordingly.

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