Google has successfully managed to secure 1.2 million views on its Livestream of chatting Google Home voice assistants on Twitch

Published By: Ken Bock on January 7, 2017 08:08 am EST

It seems that Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) decision to intrigue users with live streaming of two of its Google Home voice assistants chatting has triggered the reaction it aimed for. Dubbed as Vladimir and Estragon, both of Google’s devices indulge in epic conversations; discussing a range of diverse topics that are fun to tune in to.

By bringing these discussions for views on Twitch, Google has successfully managed to market its latest smart-speaker device with the start of the New Year. Known as the Google Home, the speaker’s debut at the end of 2016 occurred mainly in response to the on-going competition from rival companies like Amazon and Apple.

Now, speculations revealed that the move has gotten a lot of attention on social media, bringing in over 1.2 million views from users. Since the tech giant has taken extensive measures to ensure that its Google Home device works as the perfect component to control users’ smart-homes and smart-devices, we believe that such a stunt has helped the company to reveal its efforts in perfecting the device’s artificial intelligence capabilities to a large market of potential users.

Subsequently, with the rising trend and usage of smart-speakers, it is evident that the company managed to gain 25,000 live views mainly due to users’ growing interest in this type of technology.

Some of the topics discussed in the interesting debate between the two devices include discussions on My Little Pony, nature of humanity, and their favorite animals. It is humorous to note that Google has tweaked its speakers to behave and speak like regular humans, with comments on slapping one another and threatening to cause physical damage, even though this is physically impossible.

We believe that the company might continue carrying out such initiatives thanks to the positive response it has received the first time. This increases possibilities that Google Home will continue impressing users around the world by coming up with more intellectual debates and hosting them for live-streaming. The move has potential to set a trend for future as well, putting pressure on Google to keep its Google Home device as distinctive as possible.