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Alphabet Inc & Twitter Inc Future Examined At Detwiller Fenton

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Alphabet Inc relationship with Twitter Inc has been noted for the degree of engagement between the two companies with Detwiller Fenton speculating on whether the time is ripe for an acquisition

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) increased level of cooperation has become the subject of a note by Detwiller Fenton that speculates whether Google might acquire the social platform to compensate for its own lack of having one. The various dealings between the companies have been speculated upon previously with Detwiller being the latest company to report on the matter.

According to Detwiller Fenton analyst, Alex Arnold, in the last 52 week period, Google and Twitter have interacted jointly in a number of enterprises to the advantage of both companies. What has drawn attention to this is the fact that while Google and Twitter are competitors in the advertising space and in terms of engaging more users to their platforms, the companies have cooperated well to their joint benefit.

In the latest development, Twitter released information regarding how it was integrating with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Program (AMP,) meaning that Twitter’s content will load immediately on the android ecosystem. Twitter in tuhas retained a relatively open ecosystem that allows links to open on publishers’ sites unlike Facebook’s attempts to keep publisher content within its own ecosystem.  It is likely that as with google search, Twitter will be given preference on AMP as well. With Facebook growing rapidly in the digital advertising space using its social platform, it looks like it’s time for Google to do the same but for that, it will need to partner with an experienced social platform running entity to and might just bring Twitter under its own roof.

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