Google “Instant Tethering Feature” Coming Soon

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Google is going to roll out Instant Tethering along with Google Play Services v10.2

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) plans to roll out “Instant Tethering” along with Google Play Services 10.2. Users who have already received the new addition said that this has allowed them to connect to devices using the same Google account without a connection, which is, in a way, the evolution of Wi-Fi hotspot.

Users will no longer need to turn on Wi-FI hotspot by touching the phone; things would be easier thanks to Instant Tethering. With one main Google account, users would be able to connect easily to other devices. The feature will work via Bluetooth; if users are not able to log onto Wi-Fi, a pop-up will automatically show up which will ask them if they would like to back online through their cellular Internet connection. With one tap on the connect button, they will be able to use the Internet on any other device around them.

Instant tethering will not need additional information from users to set up. Unluckily, this handy feature is not available for all Android users at the moment. In some cases, it might not even appear if users do not have the updated version of Google Play Services. Owners of the tech giant’s Pixel and Nexus phones can enjoy this feature, which are running the latest version of Android Nougat 7.1.1. as it will first come to those devices.

Keep your fingers crossed as this feature might just come to other Android-powered devices and the company does not keep it exclusive to its house products. Andreas Proschofsky, Editor at German publication made a post on Google+ which read: “Google Play Services 10.2 has started to roll out and it’s introducing a pretty nifty new feature: Instant tethering. Basically it works like that: If-say-your tablet has no data connection and you also have a phone connected to the same Google account, it can automatically offer to use the data conn3ction of the p[hone- zero setup necessary, just a confirmation.”

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