Microsoft Corporation Skype For iOS Now Supports Apple Siri

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Siri SDK now supports another major messaging service to make life easier for users on iOS

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Skype v6.27.1 for iOS has now been released, and it comes with Siri integration that allows users to make calls and send messages to other users and contacts by commanding the iOS virtual assistant.

Apple announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 earlier this year in March that the SDK for its mobile assistant Siri would be opened for developers so that integration with more apps could be made possible. Since then, integration with WhatsApp and Messenger, among other apps, stands out most of all.

Now, with the latest update to Skype, users on another major messaging and video communication platform will have access to Siri so that they can easily send messages and make calls without opening the app itself.

Now that more apps have started to support Siri, the race for the top mobile virtual assistant is well and truly on. After Google demonstrated its latest Google Assistant, now shipping with its Pixel and Pixel XL flagships, Siri faces immense competition from a number of competitors. Some of them could lay a solid claim for being equal to Siri, and Google Assistant probably beats Siri by some miles.

In conclusion, more work is needed to keep Siri up to pace with the developing landscape of artificial intelligence.

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