Facebook Inc (FB) Partners with Ticketmaster

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Users will now be able to buy tickets from their news feed

Facebook users will be pleased to know that the social media giant has partnered with Ticketmaster, giving them an open place to buy tickets from their profiles from anywhere in the world.

According to Buzzfeed, this new feature by Ticketmaster will be rolled out for everyone by the end of April. Additionally, the partnership is not restricted to the site alone, as the feature will be making its way to Facebook Messenger as well.

It is important to note that in the beginning, a limited number of events’ tickets will be available for purchase through Facebook. If everything goes according to plan, expansion will be imminent.

Dan Armstrong, GM and VP of distributed commerce of Ticketmaster, explained that the purpose of making such a move was quite obvious, it would not only make it easier for Facebook users to buy tickets but it would allow Ticketmaster to sell more tickets at the same time.

It was only recently that Facebook announced that its Messenger app would support Dropbox file sharing. Now, Ticketmaster too has joined along with Uber, Lyft and Spotify to have integrated its services into the social media site.

Seeing how massive Facebook’s target audience is and how its users have grown over time, its platform has not only become highly effective, but it has attracted a lot of attention from different companies. The social media site is just beginning to understand its platform’s true potential, and its taking its time to ensure everything works out the way it wants it to.

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