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Tesla Could Be Planning A Model S ‘P100D’

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According to media reports, Tesla could be planning to roll out an additional Model S version with a 100 KWh battery pack

While Tesla Motors Inc (NASAQ:TSLA) fans drool over speculations relating to the company’s highly anticipated launch of the mass market electric Model 3 sedan due on March 31, a side rumor hints Tesla could pull out even more from inside the hat very soon.

These rumors suggest Tesla may have another addition to its Model S line-up – a dual motor high performance version with a 100 kWh battery pack that is a Tesla Model S P100D.

A current Tesla owner and a computer geek Jason Hughes, talking to Teslarati over the weekend said the company has already supplied the badge graphic for the new version in the latest firmware update two months ago. In a Tweet on Friday, he sent the message as a computer code to the world that was decoded by a Tesla Motors Fan Club member LuckyLuke and happened to be the same badge.

Tesla started off with an 85 KWh battery pack for the Model S when it was launched in mid-2012. But since last year, when the company launched a new base model with a 70 KWh battery pack, it has discontinued the 85 KWh battery pack, and is now using a 90 KWh battery pack along with dual motors and high performance options. The move has extended the price differential to $12,000 between the base model and the 90 Kwh versions.

Now Tesla is aiming to increase the battery storage to 100 KWh which some analysts claim could extend the range of the Model S to 300 miles – an important milestone from a marketing standpoint and otherwise. Almost all major automakers have said they are working to roll out a production electric vehicle with a 300 mile range, but it seems Tesla could beat them all.

Notably though, Tesla has not confirmed the launch of the 100 KWh Model S package perhaps because it wants to keep it under the covers till the media and the fans were done absorbing the shimmers of the Model 3 being unveiled later this month. The Model 3 – being more of a mid-priced vehicle will carry only a 200 mile range, 65 miles shorter than the 85 KWh premium Model S when it goes on sale next year. GM too is rolling out its mass market electric vehicle Chevy Bolt to compete with the Model 3 with the same range.

We believe Tesla may have some insights to share relating to the Model S P100D at the unveiling event of the Model 3 on March 31.

Shares for Tesla climbed 2.71% on Friday to $201.04. So far this year, shares for the company are down 16.24%.


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