Apple Inc. (AAPL) Releases iOS 9.3.5 To Patch Zero-Day Exploit

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Here’s why you should install the latest iOS update right now

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released an unexpected update for iOS today, which is for a zero day exploit that lets hackers remotely jailbreak an iPhone and run malicious code on the device. The new 9.3.5 update fixes three critical exploits, which, when used together, allow an iOS device to be exposed to hackers. The exploit was first discovered by human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor who worked with The Citizen Lab to bring the issue to light.

According to the report, Ahmed Mansoor had received some text messages from hackers that claimed to provide new information about inmates being unlawfully detained and tortured in UAE jails. Rather than clicking on the malicious link, Mansoor forwarded the email to the citizens lab to look in to thr matter.

The citizens lab then pointed out that the exploit was originated from an Israel based NSO firm which sells government exclusive sypware products such as Pegasus. The NSO group has ties with American venture capital firm Francisco partnere management.

This led to The Citizens Lab partnering with security firm Lookout Secuirty to work on identifying the issue and how the code infects user devices. The report also mentioned that the code would have installed a complex spyware on the victim’s iPhone which would have given hackers to all data on the device. The Citizens Lab is calling the new exploit Trident.

CVE-2016-4655, CVE-2016-4656 and CVE-2016-4657 are the three flaws that have been patched by Apple in the new 9.3.5 update. Apple has always been up to speed at sending out updates for security fixes as one of the main selling points of iOS devices is their up to date security features.

This is where Apple has outdone Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android OS, as it usually takes weeks for Google to send out the latest security fixes which leaves millions of devices exposed to hackers. Apple also recommends that users install the new update as soon as possible to protect their devices from being exposed to the malware.

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