Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Aims For Future Growth Through AI And Conservational Bots

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Microsoft aims to sustain growth by minimizing its dependence on Windows

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced back in March that Windows 10 had exceeded 300 million active users, calculating from when the operating system was launched in mid-2015, making it the company’s most successful operating system ever. Although Windows has been the key to Microsoft’s incredible success over the years, the software giant wants to expand its unique selling points and look at other ways to bank success. As a result, the company has plans to shift away from it’s over reliance on Windows operating system and seek new growth areas in conservational bots and artificial intelligence.

The company announced last Friday during the Build Tour in Pune, that it would be implementing new growth strategies to look to improve in areas of augmented reality, cognitive computing and conservational bots. Microsoft is practically out of the smartphone game, as Windows Phone continues to sink with little hope of resurfacing itself. Hence, the software giant is relying on its platforms like, Cortana Intelligence suite and cloud computing, in order to gain more growth verticals.  

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated at the Build Tour that the company is aiming to empower every developer in the world by providing the appropriate tools to design and produce great applications for multi-platform implementation.

Microsoft wants its users and developers to utilize the company’s Windows, Azure and Office as intelligent platforms, that can be implemented together. The company’s cloud service has been on a roll of success and growth, as more than 50 per cent enterprises in India are currently relying on the platform to deploy their services and products. The company wants to further refine and improve its conversational bot ‘Cortana’ and make it proficient in completing tasks and understanding complex voice commands of its users.

In terms of artificial Intelligence, the company is seeking to design a common platform for multiple artificial intelligence developers rather than creating a product itself; it wants to invite developers to use its artificial intelligence software and create their own products. This is similar to the strategy of how Microsoft has acquired success through making its Windows platform available to external developers.

The software giant has realized that it has to look at other sources to generate its growth and relieve some of the pressure from its windows platform. With rivals like Google, Apple, etc. already working on artificial intelligence and conservational bot systems, Microsoft cannot afford to slack and fall behind in the race of a great opportunity. The company has stepped into the right direction and is looking to establish itself in the fields of artificial intelligence and conservational bots, like it has done in the software industry with its Windows platform.

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