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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to Make Series of Updates to the Model S This Week

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Tesla Motors Inc is refreshing Model S nosecone and adding a new design, as it prepares to increase the vehicle’s price for the first time

Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has kept the price of its best-selling luxury sedan, the Model S, unchanged since it hit the roads in 2012. The vehicle, which is headed into its fourth production cycle, is expected to see its first price hike shortly.

While experts have been anticipating the electric vehicle (EV) maker to offer some updates in return, CNET has confirmed that the company is indeed bringing in a series of updates to the premium sedan as early as this week. Tesla insiders told CNET that the company aims to both add some more luxurious features and simplify the vehicle’s manufacturing process.

It is essential for the company to make its vehicle’s complicated processes easier, as it plans to become a large-scale original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Meanwhile, it also needs to maintain its strong hold in the American and European markets, amid increasing popularity of its mass-market model, the Model 3. Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas has claimed that the mass-market sedan could outshine its predecessor, eventually leading to cannibalization of the world’s most successful EV.

The reports stated that the Model S’s front-end design would be refreshed. The nosecone has been altered and it is not that of the Model 3 or the Model X, although it will make the vehicle’s frontal appearance similar to them. New LED headlights will also be added to give it a cleaner look and new paint colors will be included in the Model S design studio.

Additionally, similar to the premium SUV, the Model S will have ventilated front seats and it will get some additional compartments for interior storage, such as door pockets. Additionally, the automaker is eliminating the production parts of all the previous Model S versions now. With these offers, the sources said that Tesla will increase the prices of its award-winning vehicle, but they didn’t mention by how much.

Last week, a TMC member posted an image of Model Ss with protective tape on the front and rear bumpers, parked outside the Fremont factory. Although the image is not clear, one could tell the nose has been altered.

The level of Tesla’s innovation cannot be overstated. The new design and features could give a new life to the Model S and bring on a degree of separation from its mass-market successor.

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