Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Encounters Yet another Battery Issue

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The Simplo cell bug was patched but now an integrated battery pack issue has popped up

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface Pro 3 has now encountered another battery issue, this time with the integrated battery pack that prevents it from charging.

Surface Pro 3 has been earmarked as the problematic device from Microsoft that is never out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Only recently, the Redmond firm patched another bug related to the Simplo cell battery within the device. Now, the latest issue has arisen with the integrated LG power pack that not only prevents the battery from charging, but it causes the device to shut down immediately if you unplug it from the power source.

Surface Pro 3 is currently available starting from $799 for the 64GB storage and Core i3 processor, and $1949 for the Core i7 chipset with 512GB storage. For a device that costs this much, finding out that its battery dies out unexpectedly of its own accord is most frustrating. Add to it the fact that Microsoft has not even promised a patch fix and only issued an acknowledgement of the problem on its answer forum, and you have a user that is really displeased.

There are also reports that the patch fix for the Simplo cells has caused the LG batteries on the device to malfunction, which puts even more emphasis on the fact that Microsoft needs to address it before long. For now, the new battery issue seems to have struck LG integrated batteries only, but if the cause really is the patch fix for Simplo cell, then it could spread to non-LG devices as well.

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