Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Rumour Mill: Headphone Jack Removal Confirmed?

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The Cupertino-based tech giant might just be making an extremely controversial design change to their next-generation smartphone

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is gearing up to launch its next generation iPhone which, based on its numbering trends, has been dubbed the iPhone 7 both by the general public as well as various media houses. It is important to note that the tech giant is increasingly hounded by various press giants. With various partners in terms of hardware and software, some leaks are inevitable, but the recent buzz in the market tends to indicate that there might be a significant change incoming to the next iteration of the iPhone which is also in-line with its cosmetic facelift that occurs every 2 years.

The headphone jack is essentially something that most smartphone consumers take for granted; it is present in every device from the low-end smartphones to the highest-end flagships. According to a leak by Apple’s manufacturing partner, Catcher Technology, Apple might be considering removing the jack altogether in the next iteration of the iPhone. The general rationale is based on the fact that it prevents the iPhone from getting slimmer than it is right now in addition to the fact that it could allow the Cupertino-based tech giant to sell custom adapters for customers needing to gain that functionality back, a lucrative & high-margins market for Apple to say the least.

It must also be noted that all renders to date and leaks continue along with the story that the next generation iPhone may not have a headphone jack. Should this be true, one can anticipate confirmation via various accessories manufacturers and Apple partners that regularly jump the gun in the months to come and reveal significant cosmetic information about the devices themselves. It must be noted however that nothing is finalized or confirmed until Apple actually reveals the device, but given the sheer amount of supporting evidence, even if indirect, it may not be a bad idea to hedge bets according to this revelation in the coming days. Other aspects of the iPhone 7 upgrade anticipated include significant CPU/GPU overhauls, screen resolution, reduced bezel size as well as a slimmer profile than the current iPhone 6S.

In many ways, the iPhone SE speaks volumes about the iPhone 7’s long term goals. We predict that the iPhone 7 could very well become a premium device with a tendency to move even higher along the “premium” market with both a price raise and significant hardware improvements in the near future further differentiating an iPhone line-up where the SE leads the bottom line and the iPhone 7 moves higher up the high-end food chain. As always, rumors, no matter how credible they seem should be taken with a pinch of salt given that Apple could very well have multiple design prototypes for their devices that may not be anywhere close to the final product.

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