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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Could Benefit From Fortifying Maine & Quebec Relationship

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Maine and Quebec strengthen their relationship by establishing new charging facilities between the two regions

State of Maine has had a strong relationship with its neighboring state and the largest Canadian province, Quebec. As the world is moving towards technology and innovation, both regions plan to strengthen their bond by creating more new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations between them, according to Portland Press Herald.

Since Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has just one Supercharger and 26 slower Destination Charging stations, the joint effort by Maine Governor Paul LePage and Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard, could lay the ground for the EV maker to not only install more charging facilities; but also add stores and service centers after getting the direct sales approval, as current law does not allow Tesla to operate stores in Maine.

Gov. LePage hopes to maintain strong ties between the state and the province and he aims to achieve their connectivity through modern transportation infrastructure. He also stated EVs have made substantial progress and are arriving in Maine; thus, it is essential for the state to open doors to such vital technological change.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2016 would be a massive year in terms of charging station additions in the state, as Tesla installed 19 Destination Charging locations at restaurants, hotels, and other locations last month. In 2014 and 2015, 15 and 16 charging stations were established, respectively.

Mr. Couillard applauded Gov. LePage’s plans to add “new dimension” to the well-established relationship between Maine and Quebec. He is willing to share expertise and also expand new links between the two regions.

Maine Department of Transportation and Governor’s Energy Office look forward to work with local EV companies, businesses, and a local group Drive Electric Maine to develop a viable EV charging station plan in this summer.

Last December, Tesla launched its first Supercharger in Augusta, Kennebec County last, which is located 215 miles from Drummondville Supercharger in Quebec City and 253 miles from Montreal-Ferrier Supercharger in Montreal. Since most of the local charging stations are in southern Maine, there is a lot of room for charging units in the northern side, closer to Quebec.

Tesla does not have store or service centers in the state because it does not allow it to directly sell vehicles to consumers. CEO Elon Musk can take advantage of the recent plan and make his way to state lawmakers to open its own dealerships in Maine.

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