Here’s How To Find Out If Your Google Android Phone Has The Humming Bad Malware

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How to help secure your Android Phone from the latest Android security threat

According to reports, a new malicious app has infected over 10 million Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android devices all over the world. The bug was first caught by researchers at Check Point who claim that the software automatically roots in your phone. The malicious software is capable of collecting a user’s personal data and makes it seem like a user has clicked on ads when they have not.

If you think that the Humming Bad software is on your phone you should take some steps to ensure that the software is removed before hackers can start tracking your phone and sell your information online. Here’s how to find if the malicious software is on your phone.

To check if your phone has a dangerous app that hosts the malicious Humming Bad software, all you have to do is download and install an antivirus app. These apps have the ability to detect false applications and then flag them which makes it easier to remove them. Users can download the AVG Antivirus app or Check Point’s Zone Alarm app to check and see if their phone is infected.

Once you find out that your phone is one of the 10 million affected devices around the world, all you have to do is perform a factory reset so that you can get rid of the malicious software. Users should back up their important files and folders before performing the factory reset.

Check Point says that the best way to stop this from happening again is by not downloading apps from unknown sources. The company says that the best place to download apps without getting infected is through Google’s Play Store which is regulated against malicious software like Humming Bad. Users are also advised to update their devices to the latest Android version which makes helps make user devices more secure against threats like Humming Bad.

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