Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Now Wants Your Help to Improve PC Gaming

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PC gaming would be on its way to the golden period if Microsoft can use this feedback

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has launched a survey to learn what could improve the gaming experience on PCs and to create the most optimal operating system for personal computers. The company is set to launch the Play Anywhere platform on September 13 starting with ReCore, and extending to popular titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4.

On the first page of the survey, it is stated that “the best Windows yet for gaming” would be developed by using the feedback and information provided by the users. Also, no personal identification of any user would be made public from the responses in the survey.

Starting off, the survey asks about the gaming platforms that a user owns including the operating systems, and inquires the tentative amount of time that a user spends on gaming on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Moving on, the survey inquires the specs, estimated price, and whether a particular user bought a gaming PC or built it on his own. Later, peripherals and accessories used in gaming are also asked in the survey.

Questions about games are also mentioned in the survey. Genres, subscription or free-to-play, and pirated, if any! Some open-ended and opinionated questions are also included in the survey, like “What would improve your gaming experience?” and “What changes or new features would make it better?” For response to these questions, the survey gives 1,000 words to record their answers.

Microsoft holds in its hands an instrument to make all the changes that a user would ever ask for, if the surveys are employed effectively. If this power could be harnessed, the company would be able to create a platform that would be optimized and configured to no end to improve the experience, and without putting a lot of legwork to determine what it needs to do to create that platform.

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