Apple Pay Bags 5th Position Among other Top Payment Platforms

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Apple’s Payment service seems to have secured a place on the list of the top five payment services after the company released Apple Pay on the web

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) payment plan, Apple Pay, seems to be doing considerably well after the tech giant launched it for web-users. 9to5Mac reported that the company’s payment service seems to have already made its way to the list of the top five online payment services, alongside PayPal, PayPal Subscriber, Stripe and Braintree.

While the company’s payment service has been functional for quite some at its retail outlets, it is evident that Apple Pay’s emergence on the web has excited a number of users. Considering that Apple just decided to unveil the platform on the web this year, the tech giant’s achievement during such a short span of time is impressive.

However, since Apple Pay has still not attained the same level of service as PayPal’s, we believe the company’s decision to introduce Touch ID on the latest MacBook Pro is for future purposes as well. Since the concept of online payment platforms seems to be becoming increasingly familiar, it is possible that Apple’s reputation as the dominant tech giant for hardware devices and services will help it to lure in more users opting for Apple Pay through web and its smart-devices.

It is also possible that the company’s recent announcement for promotional deals on Apple Pay for third-party retailers through the Web has been a mere marketing stunt. It is promotional strategies like these that have helped Apple to successfully ramp up on its number of users over the years. Now, with Apple Pay available on the web, there is a higher possibility that the company’s payment service will soon outshine others in the current top five list.

Apple Pay seems to have beaten rival services such as Google Wallet and Amazon Payments. Based on these results, we believe the company’s payment service has immense potential. Considering that it currently operates on 1,035 websites, it is evident that the company’s service has already managed to attain a place where most other services have been struggling to get to.

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