Nintendo Switch Appears on Best Buy, Priced at $249

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More confirmations of Nintendo’s upcoming console have surfaced ahead of the event

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (ADR) (OTCMKTS:NTDOY) is all set to unveil Switch’s details at a special event on January 12 this week, and new rumors are surfacing online. Earlier today, Nintendo’s subreddit was able to confirm a piece of information sent to them, and that was Switch’s price.

Reportedly, a new product has appeared on Best Buy’s price system. The SKU name “Nintendo N2” apparently has a price tag of $249.99. This is the second time we are hearing of the $249 price point, as most recently, Nikkei reported that Switch will be set at the aforementioned price. As for the name of the SKU, it could just be a placeholder. The price, however, doesn’t seem to be a placeholder considering we are very close to Nintendo’s official event and retailers must be privy to such information ahead of possible impending pre-order opening.

A $249 price tag will be ideal for Switch as many gamers have voiced their opinion that anything higher is considerably expensive for a handheld device not in the same visual ballpark as its competition. Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have a price tag of $249 and are in a different league entirely in terms of horsepower and the multiplatform games they receive. But if history has taught as anything, it is that games sell systems and Nintendo is known to focus on that aspect. There is clearly great hype surrounding Switch and all eyes are on Nintendo now.

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