Datadog has set up to indicate if servers are functioning properly or not

Published By: Ken Bock on July 21, 2016 12:54 pm EST

Are you a Pokémon Go user? Of course you are! If we asked you what is the most frustrating part about being a Pokémon Go user, then there is a high probability that your answer will be the unexpected servers that frequently crash. Pokémon Go has quickly gone on to become the most talked about and most frequently used augmented reality application around the world but its massive popularity has also brought consequences for its millions of users. Pokémon Go will often crash due to the overload provided by the millions of users that cannot seem to get enough of the augmented reality application. Thanks to the developers at cloud monitoring firm Datadog, Pokémon Go users can check if servers for Pokémon Go are properly functioning in their respective region or not. Here is The Country Caller’s take on the easiest way to tell if Pokémon Go servers are on the verge of crashing.

Datadog is a cloud monitoring firm situated in New York which has set up to indicate the status of the augmented reality game. The site has been specifically set up to let Pokémon Go users know if servers in their area are properly running or expected to crash. How the website works is that the tracker on the website uses a unique Pokémon Go trainer account to check servers’ real-time response rate. If the website takes more than 15 seconds to login, then this is a big sign that the servers are operating at full capacity which will cause unwanted lagging and sudden crashes.

Datadog have done a brilliant job at setting up a website that will greatly benefit Pokémon Go users in the long term. The agony of finding slow servers and unwanted crashes is far too much for many Pokémon Go users. Hence, this website will greatly serve Pokémon Go users to determine if the time is right to step out of their homes to embark on their Pokémon Go adventure. We would highly recommend you check out the website and see if the Pokémon Go servers in your region are operating at full capacity. If they are then you will know exactly why you’ve been experiencing such trouble to play the biggest augmented reality application in the world at the moment.