QCOM Files Complaint Against Firms In China

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Chinese firms manufacturing mobile devices contain components from Qualcomm according to its patent’s complain

Qualcomm, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:QCOM) patents have filed a complaint against firms in China that might have infringed, or illegally used, components manufactured by the company. The chip maker has demanded an investigation to verify if these Chinese firms have violated hardware and software copyrights patented by the company. The complaint is filed in the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, against Meizu. Components, such as cameras, circuits, and chips, that are found in devices manufactured by Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co, Ltd., Dest Technology Limited, Zhuhai Meizu Telecom Equipment Co. Ltd. And LGYD Limited will be investigated.

The chip maker attempted to make negotiations with Meizu, which is a sign of goodwill. It intended to sign a patent license that meets the terms and conditions of Qualcomm and is accepted by the China National Development and NDRC. The complaint would not have been filed if Meizu had agreed to the negotiations and signed a license agreement. Allegedly, Meizu illegally uses the products of the chip maker without giving any credit.

Reportedly, Meizu has uses products by Qualcomm unlawfully, which is not just unfair to the company but also to other firms that have signed the agreement proposed by the tech giant. This seriously damages consumers, markets, and ecosystem, said Executive Vice President, Don Rosenberg.

The chip maker has had a strong foothold in China, while suppliers and consumers around the world benefit from its business. This is not the first time the tech organization has expressed concerns about patent infringement by Meizu. Previously, a complaint was filed in June, which requested to issue a patent license in China for 3G and 4G wireless communications. The recent complaint is in relation to the complaint that were filed in June, to a certain extent.

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