Issues With New Sony PlayStation VR Headset

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After the initial release of PlayStation VR, multiple users had issues with the device

PlayStation VR is the future and very few people will challenge this claim. It is the next step in the evolution of games; so with all the hype behind PlayStation VR and the games that come with it, things were expected to go perfectly, or imperfectly, depending on the players. After being released, Sony was probably waiting for any complaints and kinks in the software or hardware as happens with most releases by either Sony or Microsoft. There have been quite a few complaints by users who have so far bought and used the device.

After the initial release of the PlayStation VR, multiple users had issues with the device. One of the biggest problems is the shift of the view towards the left while playing games. One user complained while explaining the problem, “After 3 laps of Drive Club I have to look almost over my left shoulder to keep the center in the view. Same thing for EVE and Battle Zone… I recalibrated everything, moved the cam closer, it still shifts with every movement of my head.”

IGN reported this issue as well and reached out to Sony regarding these issues, but it has not responded as of yet. You can go to IGN page to checkout the tutorials on PlayStation VR and avoid dizziness caused by motion sickness. Other problems range from games unable to detect headsets, to titled screen view being shown within the headset, and more.

PlayStation VR launched on October 13 and sold a couple of thousand pieces as part of its initial release. A research firm calculated the numbers and predicted that Sony PlayStation VR will sell upwards of two million units before the end of this year.

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