Destiny Players Show Their Creativity By Re-Creating The Full Game in Minecraft And Doom

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Some high level of creativity has been seen in these recreations

The internet is a wonderful place to express your creative self and specifically the MMO community has a great drive for creativity. One of the popular MMO games, Activision Blizzard Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ATVI) Destiny, has a vast player base despite being console exclusive and it looks like players of the game have managed to take the game’s levels and designs to the next level with their creativity.

According to recent reports, it looks like a player has managed to recreate a good chunk of Destiny and its locations in Minecraft. The project has been coming along pretty well as of right now and he has managed to create some of the memorable locations in the game, including the Cosmodrome from the Steppes to the Divide. The creator has managed to make everything in the area, including the Devil’s Lair and the breach. However, the Mothyards and beyond have not been made. What is more interesting is that the Tower, The Reef and the mentioned parts of the Cosmodrome have been made with great attention to detail and in their entirety, while the Moon is still there as a proof of concept only with no underground areas. You can check out the full project here.

Another player has recreated the King’s Fall raid in DOOM’s content creation suite and this project has had a bit of tweaking. Firstly, you might not immediately recognize it as the assets used in DOOM are vastly different than those used in Destiny and while Destiny’s Raid is a six-man coordinated activity, the DOOM’s version has been tweaked for the single player experience, for obvious reasons.

It is worth noting that while these may not be exact replicas and may have their imperfections, the work done by these players is certainly commendable. The creativity used while recreating these levels is certainly very impressive and it shows how far the power of simple tools can go. That being said, you can expect minor imperfections and inaccuracies while checking out these creations but they are still.

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