Xiaomi Releases Mi Bunny, an Affordable Smartwatch for Kids

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The smartwatch is perfect for parents who wish to keep track of their kids at all times

Xiaomi has done the unthinkable and has released an affordable smartwatch for kids. The device costs no more than $59 and comes packed with features that should keep things interesting.

Taking a closer look at the smartwatch, it is exactly what is to be expected of a device designed for children. The Mi Bunny is offered in two colors, blue and pink, and has a cute exterior. Even though it is not extraordinary, it is quite handy especially for parents, who wish to keep track of their children.

The Mi Bunny has a GPS tracker, which it makes it easier for parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. Additionally, it also allows parents to set zones, which gives them notifications when their children enter zones that they are not supposed to enter.

The device offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and even has a SIM card slot. Moreover, it has a 300mAh battery which can easily last up to six days without breaking a sweat.

The Mi Bunny is compatible with devices with Android version 4.2 and above. As for Apple devices, it supports iOS 8 and above. The best part is that the smartwatch is not locked onto Xiaomi’s range of smartphones.

Other features include being able to make and receive calls. Additionally, it features an SOS button, which when pressed will started recording audio, and will then be sent along with a child’s location to their parent’s smartphone.

That being said, the smartwatch is already available for sale on the manufacturer’s website, for $59 as mentioned earlier. When compared to other smartwatches out there, it is by far the most affordable and is perfect for parents that are concerned about their child’s well-being. Taking its price into account, its offerings are more or less sufficient. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent gift for children who can’t wait to their hands on a smartwatch of their very own.

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