Apple Inc.(AAPL) Loses Patent Retrial to VirnetX: Ordered By Court To Pay $302.4 Million

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It all started in 2010, when VirnetX Holding Corp. filed patent suits against Apple and some other companies, accusing them of violating five patents on secure communication links

VirnetX and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have been fighting over patents right for many years since VirnetX, a Nevada-based patent licensor company, filed a law suit against the Californian giant. In 2011, VirnetX targeted Apple solely indicting iPhone 4S of infringing on a single VPN patent. Apple was charged with a $368.2 million suit when the US Court of Appeals ruled in favor of VinetX.

However, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C., reversed that verdict, saying there were some problems with how the trial judge drilled the jurors on calculating damages and were biased towards Apple.

Nevertheless, in February of that year, VirnetX’s lawsuits were combined, and the Jury charged an even bigger ruling of $625.6 million in damages to be paid by Apple to VirnetX. This was one of the highest charges in US patent history.

In the latest court trial, Apple Inc. has been ordered to pay $302.4 million in damages to VirnetX Holding Corp. for using its patented Internet security technology in FaceTime without permission.

Apple representative, Rachel Tulley refused to comment when approached and VirnetX’s lawyer could not be reached either.

The damages amount can increase if it is proved that Apple knowingly infringed VirnetX’s patents. A separate trial is expected to take place soon for the same.

The four patents which VirnetX has sued Apple for are considered invalid by the US Patent and Trademark Office.  However, VirnetX will appeal to the Federal Circuit due to which the patents will still be deemed valid by the court.

Six years have passed in this war between VirnetX and Apple during which Apple has reaped the benefits and profits of its phones and other products worldwide. Although, VirnetX has been awarded a sum of $302.4 million in two out of four patents, the case is still awaiting the verdict of US Patent and Trademark office.

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