Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Stock Rallies Following HiAlgo Acquisition

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No financial details of the transaction have been disclosed as of yet

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) announced today that it has bought HiAlgo Inc., a company that specializes in the development of advanced PC gaming technologies. The company has developed certain technologies that complement Radeon RX Series GPU in redefining the overall gaming experience for users. These technologies enhance the overall effeceincy of the GPU in turn giving the user a significantly improved experience.

“Software is an integral part of advancing the science of graphics, enabling us to best harness the silicon of the GPU to maximize performance and deliver outstanding experiences in games and applications,” commented senior VP Raja Koduri of the company. HiAlgo shares the same ‘passion’ for the overall gaming experience for users as AMD does, adding that the former has delivered several unique solutions in the realm of gaming. He further noted that HiAlgo is instrumental in taking GPU to the next level.

Already, Radeon Software has the capacity to allow the user to fully utlize the performance of the Radeon graphics leading to a worthwhile gaming experience. This is said to provide users with higher control over their respective computing gaming experience. 

AMD stock has been racing up in the market as of late. Today, the stock jumped by 2.33% after having plunged during the past few trading sessions as a result of the Brexit scare. The stock during the past six months has surged by more than 74% while the NASDAQ has dipped by 5.50% during the same timeframe.

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