Fallout 4 Update 1.4 Lands on Consoles This Week: Bethesda

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Patch bring many fixes and optimizations

Bethesda officials took to social media to share their excitement about the new update coming to consoles for the studio’s flagship title, Fallout 4. The update, which was earlier released on PCs, went through a modest testing phase after which developers optimized it for console play.

Overall, the patch improves stability in Fallout 4, offering players a much more optimized experience, whether you are indoors or outside. Zooming in with your weapon no longer causes massive stutters and players can confidently do so through adverse weather conditions. Several game related bugs have been addressed, ones not necessarily related to missions, but that still impact gameplay. Furthermore, instances in which certain quest completions or items would grant perks and skills have been reviewed and now offer the correct amount of stat gain to players. Here is a detailed list of changes.

The late release plan on consoles is a part of Bethesda’s Beta Update program which allows for testing on PC before it can be ported to consoles. Given how easy it is to digitally deliver content these days, this approach has allowed for updates to deliver more fixes, more often and some players even get to partake in the entire process.

Update 1.4 also brings a host of new items to decorate your Settlement with. Themed items from Super Mutants, Raiders and more options for regular looking decorations have been added to the Workshop options menu. Ultimately, the decorations only add a sense of apocalyptic belonging but definitely make for some great screenshots.

While the updates delivered to Fallout 4 have mainly addressed improvements and fixes, it seems that the fans are left wanting more. While the story for Fallout 4 finished a while back, now we merely get to hear about it when a fan creates a hilarious mod or achieves victory without ever leaving their Settlement. The fact remains that Bethesda can be doing so much with it and after the official mod workshop hits the market later this year, the fans will be able to as well.

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