Sony Corp (ADR) (SNE) PlayStation 4 Update 3.50 Reportedly Comes With Several Issues

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Relax, they are not widespread

It’s been a week since Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) released Update 3.50, codenamed Musashi, for the PlayStation 4. With a focus on improving the console’s social networking aspect, the update introduced a number of useful functionality, such as being able to appear offline, tracking friends, along with a remote play feature for the PC and Mac.

Musashi was specifically targeted at improving the average user-experience on PlayStation 4. That being said, some users have begun facing certain issues right after updating their systems to the latest version. While many unhappy users have taken to the official PlayStation forum and Reddit, Sony has yet to officially acknowledge the problems, which looks to involve a small circle. On the other hand, most users who have updated themselves to Musashi are experiencing no problems at all. 

The list of issues involve PlayStation 4 randomly entering reset mode, the console heating up more than before, HULU services giving error messages, and the Media Player playing videos with a nasty green line at the top. In addition to all of that, some users have also reported that Update 3.50 disables the microphone on third-party headsets, including Apple and Bose. If you’re in a similar situation, try plugging and unplugging your headphones a few times in rapid succession. It’s said to fix the issue for some.       

Strangely, the newly rolled-out Remote Play feature is not working for some users who are unable to carry forward the console’s custom button scheme to PC or Mac. Some have even started facing sluggish menu navigations and noisier internal fans following the update. Finally, there is also a batch of users who have just given up trying to boot up their PlayStation 4 console after installing the new update.

We’re waiting on some form of official acknowledgement from Sony to at least some of issues listed. The complaint about third-party headsets having disabled microphones are the most reported ones so far. We should be hearing about a fix soon.    



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