Uber and Honda Face Lawsuit Due to Company’s Negligence

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Uber and Honda face a lawsuit after Sarah Milburn got into an accident, leaving her paralysed, in Uber’s Honda Odyssey due to the driver’s negligence

Ride-hailing service, Uber is facing some serious backlash in Dallas after one of its drivers crashed into a Ford F-150 pickup in December. The accident put passenger, 24-year-old Sarah Milburn, in critical condition after she was left a quadriplegic. Now, paralyzed chest-down, Ms. Milburn’s family is targeting Uber for its lack of diligence and its dangerously lenient checks on drivers.

The story reveals that Milburn ordered an Uber late night to avoid driving herself. She claims that she wanted to avoid drunk-driving as well as refrain from walking to the next stop. However, it is evident that Milburn’s decision to rely on Uber backfired epically. The company’s Honda Odyssey vehicle ran a red light and lacked insurance, resulting in the accident. Such sloppy mistakes have already occurred in the past, now putting Uber in a critical position of public bashing.

Considering that the ride-hailing service has been operating as one of the most popular and used platforms in the US, we believe that Uber should really look into restructuring its system to avoid more unfortunate incidents in the future.

Now, with Milburn facing a lifetime of physical impairment, it’s no surprise that her family is looking into legal action against the company. Speculations revealed that Milburn and her family have sued Uber, Honda, the Uber driver, as well as the van-owner.

Their statement shed light on Uber’s negligence, and claims that the company “failed to provide [Milburn] with the safety she reasonably expected, and as a result, she was catastrophically injured and faces a lifetime of physical impairment and challenges.”

Since Uber recently revealed that its officials take immense interest in making sure that its drivers and vehicles are fully vouched for, the incident’s timing could be crucial for the company’s reputation. After the company recently announced that it will be carrying out strict background checks on all its drivers, it is evident that the process has not fully helped Uber get the results it hoped for.

Subsequently, since investigations revealed that Yusufzai, the Uber driver and the owner of the Uber van, Dawood Kohistanti, were previously involved in legal cases for drug possession and gambling in 2014. We believe that Milburn’s story will cost Uber to face a lot of criticism, possibly resulting in declining usage of its vehicles.

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