Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Exclusive Quantum Break Receives New Update on PC

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Remedy is committed to bringing more improvements overtime

Remedy Entertainment has released Title Update 3 for Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Quantum Break, for PC. The update brings new improvements and fixes which have been reported by users.

Good news for enthusiasts, you can now finally disable V-sync and enjoy your G-Sync and FreeSync display experience. An issue where game controllers were reportedly not working on some configurations has been resolved. But perhaps the biggest change brought forward by the update is to ignore the minimum system requirement. Remedy is allowing PCs that do not meet the minimum hardware requirement to run the game.

This, however, is not an optimal approach. Remedy states that the game is not designed for unsupported hardware. For the game to properly work and not experience hiccups or crashes, it is crucial that users meet the minimum standard to avoid running into issues.

It is a relief that Remedy is actively working on fixing these issues. Quantum Break had a lot of them when it launched back in April; things like poor performance, 30FPS lock, and the fact that the game reserved the resolution technique employed by Remedy for the console version. Since the Xbox One version used temporal reconstruction using 720p 4xMSAA images to deliver a final 1080p output, the PC version operated on 2/3rd of the selected resolution.

Quantum Break is Microsoft’s high-ranking exclusive title in the list of noteworthy game launches of 2016. It blends in time bending third-person action in a cinematic experience which ties in with a live-action TV series. It has received favorable reviews overall, and once the game’s major issues get ironed out, it might be worthy of your attention.

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