5 Ways to Have Fun With Cortana On Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) Windows 10

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Microsoft’s personal virtual assistant is a compilation of funny and helpful, and we’ll explore all sides of it

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) has done a wonderful job with its personal virtual assistant, Cortana. It takes a lot of work and a lot of thought to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now, still managing to come out as the favorite for many experts.

Cortana’s seamless integration with the tasks that we perform everyday on our computers is one of the reasons that the personal assistant has made a lasting, positive impression on users. But it’s not all work either! Cortana also knows how to let its hair down every now and then. So let’s get to know it a little better: –


Make Her Sing


While Siri and Google Now could still feel robotic in the way they carry a tune, Cortana makes it seem a little more lifelike. To put it simply, if robots ever take over the world, you would want Cortana to utter its orders to the inferior human race, and not Siri or any other virtual assistant. That is, if you’ve heard her sing before.


Use A Different Search Engine Than Bing


If Cortana doesn’t know the answer to a question of yours, it simply performs a search for the query on your default web browser. However, the virtual assistant is wired to perform those searches on Microsoft’s native Bing search. But that should not and does not stop the user from using a different search engine; one that the user would prefer. All you require is the Chrometana extension on your browser, which allows you to choose your preferred search engine from Google, Yahoo!, or DuckDuckGo. So the next time Cortana doesn’t understand something, it will simply perform a search on the search engine of your choice.


Search for Facts


Cortana is also your personal fact-finding machine. When you ask for the tallest building in the world, or the country with the highest population, the personal assistant is on it right away. A result is displayed swiftly, and you are left wondering how we’ve progressed this far, this quickly in technology.


Of Wit and Humour


Cortana is a compilation of smarts of hundreds of men credited with the development of the virtual assistant. Naturally, the answers it provides to everyday mundane questions like the meaning of life and the importance of Bill Gates for it, are generally really amusing. Go on, try one for yourself. It won’t disappoint.


 Send Emails


Probably the oldest trick in the book, but one of the most effective to date. Coordination and correspondence with colleagues and batch mates for the final project could be the most important thing on your mind this weekend, and you also have that PowerPoint to craft for the presentation. Fire up Cortana and it will assist you in sending an email in no time.


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