Facebook Inc (FB) To Let Users Monetise Content

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Money could be collected from posts for monetizing purpose of any charitable cost

Reported initially by The Verge, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is exploring possible options to allow users to earn from the posts that they make on Facebook, by a bunch of means to make profit indicated by a user survey.

Some of the methods for users to make money on Facebook included a collecting tin for posts, taking a cut of the ads that Facebook displays for every user, along with branded content as well. The user survey, that was recently distributed, comes right after Facebook announced new ways to monetize its Instant Articles platforms.

Latest developments have led to experts believing that Facebook might be on to more methods of monetizing its platform more effectively and efficiently. However, users also earning profits were not earlier thought to be part of the platform. Profits are not only for the sake of profits either, as even supporting charitable causes by means of collections on posts is also thought to be on the table.

The survey also featured queries about a “Call to Action” button, which could also be used to make donations. Moreover, users could be able to not only organize gatherings for new initiatives, but also strengthen or revitalize older ones. It is not yet clear whether the options would be available for users around the world, as the surveys have only been targeted at a small bunch of verified users.

Facebook recently opened its Instant Articles platform to all publishers around the world, and the company also changed its policy regarding the sponsored content on the pages of celebrities and brands. The competition for real-time updates posted by users has really gathered pace lately. Facebook’s live video streaming was just the first step in the company’s vision to hog all the current and just-in news posted by users on all platforms. Allowing them to make money might not be in line with the conventional idea of making money that Facebook has employed so far, but it might allow them to create a greater space for their product in users’ lives; which would then pay off big time in the long run as well.

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