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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 7 Wireless EarPods Could Resemble These Earphones

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Wireless EarPods could be one of the few innovations that comes with the launch of the next Apple flagship

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 7 is set to launch this fall and will reportedly do away with the 3.5mm jack in favor of connecting earphones through the lightning connector. Therefore, truly wireless EarPods from Apple have been rumored to make their bow for the first time along with the iPhone 7 this September. However, wireless EarPords from Apple will not be the first of their kind by any means, and we’ll take you through the two possible “inspirations” for Apple to look at when working on their EarPods.

The first is the Apollo 7 from Erato Audio. Apart from being a truly wireless pair of earphones that can work with an iPhone or iPad, Apollo 7 also sports a microphone built into the device for answering calls by only clicking on the buttons. Siri integration is possible on the earphones and the user may launch the virtual assistant simply by double-clicking.

Volume control can also be accessed by double-clicking when listening to music. The Apollo 7 can play your music for four hours straight after which you will have to stick them back in their case which also substitutes as a rechargeable battery case, and for $249 a pair on Kickstarter, it is a solid deal for audiophiles.

The second is Rowkin’s Mini earbud; a singular earbud for one ear that costs $60 and by coughing up an extra $10, you could get your own 24 Karat gold-plated earbud. Rowkin Mini only has an hour of battery though, but it also comes with a portable charger thankfully. Stereo sound is no good so far but there is good news on that front; Rowkin is gearing up to launch earbud pairs this Summer which could set you back somewhere between $100 to $120.

Some of the features in both of these earphones could be part of Apple’s version of wireless earphones, and we’re hoping the one-hour battery of Rowkin Mini is not one of them. Reports of a lack of innovation and that road costing Apple some serious sales numbers have landed the company in a precarious position, where it is gunning on accessories instead of the flagship iPhone to win its customers back. This is why the wireless EarPods have a lot riding on them for Apple and the company has to gotten it right in the first go.

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