Netflix to Introduce 4K Streaming on Windows 10

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Microsoft Edge and a Kaby Lake processor are two boxes you have to check though

It looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel for the PC community. Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is finally bringing 4K live streaming on the PC platform this week.

While users have been enjoying 4K Netflix streaming on their televisions for some time now, Windows 10 users have been devoid of that luxury. Now, it looks like the time is here for users to enjoy their favorite Netflix programs in ultra-high definition on their PCs. Due to the fears of piracy voiced by a number of studios and networks, 4K streaming on PCs has been a no-go territory so far for Netflix.

Now that it looks like 4K streaming might be making its way to PC after all, it has brought with itself a few issues that might need ironing out. Firstly, you’ll need Microsoft’s latest Edge browser packed within the Windows 10 package. Secondly, and this is the more troublesome part, users will need Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors to support 4K Netflix streaming on their personal computers.

The former has been a particularly important point of glory for Microsoft to market its Edge browser, but the latter could place PC users between a rock and a hard place. As Kaby Lake processor systems are still fairly new, the adoption remains in its initial stages and hence, not a lot of users would be able to watch Netflix in 4K straight away.

A new system is in order if you’re a stickler for 4K resolution for your Netflix programs. Or maybe you could use the Chromecast Ultra stick that you may have lying around.

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