Google Latest Image Compression Technology Will Help You Save Data

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Save 75% of mobile data with Google’s AI

Alphabet’s Incorporation’s (GOOGL) artificial intelligence (AI) will now help compress images so that the least user data is consumed. Thanks to this technology, users will now be able to save almost 75% of their mobile data without having to compromise on details of any content they watch. The technique was developed by the search engine giant and is known as Rapid And Accurate Super Image Resolution.

The RAISR is a software that reads and analyzes images and makes a replica of those images by the usage of quarter of the pixels of the original image. However, the detail in this process is not compromised. The major drawback is that this machine learning technology is only available on Google+.

Google revealed RAISR back in November, which is now being used for HD Google+ images on Android devices.  Every time a user requests an image, Google++ will get the image but in a smaller size which will enable users to save up to 75% of their mobile data via the help of RAISR’s algorithms.  

Users who are not interested in this technology on Google++ should be patient as the company will surely expand this technology to other applications in the future. The search engine giant is not the only one that has attempted to help users save data. In June, Twitter bought an AI startup, Magic Pony, which provided similar tech and even improves low-quality videos.

Users who have used Photoshop will be aware of this technology as it is used to shrink an image and consists of fewer pixels, called down sampling and vice versa for up scaling.  The company said, “Doing so reduces the data cost of each image by up to 75 percent. The technique is currently being applied to more than a billion images a week, and the company says doing so has reduced users’ total bandwidth by about a third.” This technology will definitely come handy for the masses but only when it comes out for other apps and not just Google++.

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