Apple Inc’s iPad Pro vs Microsoft Corporation’s Surface Pro and Alphabet Inc Google Chromebook

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This summer is heating up to be the battle of the tablets

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) have all released top notch tablets in the market recently. Although sales in the tablet market has slowed down, a lot of consumers are still buying tablets. Consumers have great options available to them due to the diligence and competency of these tech giants. However, which tablet should you be buying this summer? If you are looking for a tablet and cannot decide which one to purchase, then we are here to help make your decision easier. Here is the Country Caller’s take on which tablet you should be spending your money on.

The first option we have is the Apple iPad Pro, which is easily the best tablet on offer based on its build quality and elegant design. The tablet features the widely supported and highly efficient iOS operating system. The tablet comes in a 12.9 inch display that offers a full retina support. The iPad Pro offers remarkable speed that can easily rival the 12 inch MacBook with the help of its high powered processor.

Also, the tablet gives users the option to attach it to an Apple Smart Keyboard and convert it into a laptop. The iPad Pro sports high performing speaker systems that make video playback and gameplay an immerse experience. The iPad Pro is currently priced at $799, offering 32 GB of storage and the Smart Keyboard is sold separately for $169.

Second option is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which was big step up from its predecessor model, Surface Pro 3. Microsoft was the first company to come up with the idea of a detachable laptop-tablet hybrid and made it a possibility with its Surface Pro lineup. If you’re going for the Surface Pro, then you know that you will get a high performing tablet, as all Surface Pros run on the Windows 10.

The Surface Pro 4 offers a high qulaity 12.3 inch display which was a step up from its predecessor’s 12 inch display. The Surface Pro 4 offers the newest version of Intel processor, so you rest assured, it will handle high demanding tasks with a breeze. Microsoft also upgraded the stylus for the Surface Pro 4 and has given users the option of converting the tablet into a laptop with the detachable keyboard. The Surface Pro 4 is retailed at $850 and its detachable keyboard is sold separately for $129.99.

Last but not the least, now comes Google Pixel C. The Pixel C is the best tablet running on Android in the market. The tablet offers fast performance due to the high performing NVidia Terga X1 processor. The Pixel C sports a stunning high resolution 10.2 inch display screen. The build quality of the tablet is good enough to rival the good looks of the iPad Pro, thanks to an anodized aluminum build quality. The Pixel C offers users the option of attaching a keyboard and making it a laptop. The Pixel C is the cheapest option as it is priced at $499 and the detachable keyboard starts from around $150.

All three are great options, but which one you should pick depends on your needs. The most powerful one amongst them is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which can also act as a PC replacement. The high price is worth it if you want the extra power and processing capabilities from a tablet. If you’re on a budget and looking for a decent pay back on your investment, then we would suggest you go for the Google Pixel C. The iPad Pro is more or less the same as the iPad Air and you should only go for it if you can afford to pay for the larger retina display.

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