Facebook Inc (FB) to Suspend Using WhatsApp User Data

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According to UK privacy watchdogs, Facebook is suspending its questionable action using WhatsApp users’ data

Pressure from UK privacy watchdogs has led Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) to stop using WhatsApp users’ data. Watchdogs made the announcement on Monday that the social media giant has stopped using customers’ personal information from WhatsApp for products improvement and advertisements. The watchdogs believe that this was a privacy breach and customers were not being protected.

Watchdogs in the country are protecting user information and have not only sent out a warning to Facebook but one to Yahoo as well. Social media platforms should not take users information without their consent, and the necessary measures are now being taken to rectify this.  The Information Commissioner’s Office announced that Facebook has agreed to put pause data sharing from WhatsApp to Facebook while investigators analyze whether this is against British law or not.  Numerous meetings have taken place between the two parties regarding the development.

The head of ICO, Elizabeth Denham, made a statement: “We’re pleased that they’ve agreed to pause using data from UK WhatsApp users for advertisement or product improvement purposes. If Facebook starts using data without valid consent, they made face enforcement action from my office.” The ICO also believes it to be important that customers should be better informed if their personal data is being used so that they have more control over their privacy. Consumers deserve to know where their personal information is going, but companies often violate their privacy.

A spokesperson for Facebook said that the update in privacy policy was given to WhatsApp users, which stated how the service functions and even information regarding how users’ data is being used. Facebook is cooperating with regulators to come up with a solution for these recent concerns.

If Facebook decided not to agree with regulators, it could have faced a fine, which wouldn’t have harmed its profits as much as it would certainly have dented its image. The social media giant also says that it collects data that is very limited, and only a fraction of that information is later shared. The good news for now is that information sharing between these two well-known platforms has been suspended for the time being.

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