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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Releases Details of “Gigafactory Grand Opening”

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Tesla sends official invites to the referral program winners and creates a raffle for other owners to win invites to the Gigafactory Grand Opening

In May, Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) started sending out invites for “Gigafactory Grand Opening” to Referral Program 2.0 winners. The company notified the event venue and date, and said that it will send an official email with all the details a few weeks ahead of the event.

Electrek reported over the weekend that the automaker has started sending out official invites to winners of the referral program, who referred at least four people to buy the Model S. Additionally, it is also sending out emails to Tesla owners and giving them the opportunity to attend the event via a raffle.

The launch of the Gigafactory, the final version of which would present the world’s largest building in terms of physical area, will take place at 1 Electric Ave, Sparks, VN at 6 PM July 29. Guests will be allowed test drives and factory tours before and after the “remarks” at 9 PM. However, Tesla has not mentioned the test-drive vehicles.

The RSVP of the winner will also include RSVP of the guest and both of them must arrive at the same time. The event invites are not transferable and the ID will be checked at the entrance. The event check-in will open at 5 PM. Children should be over eight years old and should have height of over 48 inches.

Between 6 to 9 PM, all the guests will be given test drives and factory tours on a first come, first served basis. Time slots will be assigned during check-in. “Remarks” or the presentation is scheduled to start at 9 PM, after which rides and tours will resume.

Refreshments will be provided soon after the event starts and free valet parking service will be given via Electric Ave. The company will also give transportation from downtown Reno to the venue.

Interestingly, Tesla owners who did not win tickets for the Gigafactory opening are also receiving invitation to participate in a drawing, which will take place on July 18, to get the opportunity to win an invite with a guest. As a token of appreciation, the company has kept “a few” invites for other Tesla owners as well. Earlier this month, we reported Tesla created 12 “Golden Tickets” raffle exclusively for Model 3 reservation holders, who reserved the compact sedan on the first day, to win an all-paid trip for the Gigafactory launch.

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