May 2019


The latest update fixes almost all encountered bugs in the game

A brand new update for Minecraft is set to make its way onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and pretty much every other gaming platform that runs this incredible open-world title. However, keep in mind that the latest patch is for adding in fixes, and not new features.

The patch titled, Update 38 for the Xbox One or Update 1.41 for the PS4 introduces several fixes and changes for some of the game’s most recent bugs. So, if you have been complaining about some glitch in the game, it’s possible the developers might have a fix waiting for you in this update.

For more details, check out the update’s complete change-log below:

Fix for Horses not jumping to the correct height. Re-entering a tutorial area while the playing the Tutorial will reset the chests. Fix for Slab blocks not blocking light. Fix for Chickens not dropping Cooked Chicken when they die on fire. Fix for Blazes not dropping Glowstone Dust when they die. Fixed the drop rate of Gold Nuggets. Fix for Zombie Pigmen not dropping Gold Ingots when they die. Fix for tamed Ocelots remaining hostile to anything they were attacking before being tamed. Fix for crash when spawning too many Shulkers. Fix for Enderman not taking damage from rain while in a Boat. Improvements to framerate when throwing a lot of Lingering Potions. Fix for Wither Skeleton being able to walk through two block high spaces. Minor changes to Battle Mini Game maps to close off areas that should not be accessible. Fix for lighting issues when digging down in the spawn area. Fix for rename Record losing its name after being in a Jukebox. Added chance of Melon, Pumpkin, and Beetroot Seeds, and Jungle Saplings spawning in the Bonus Chest. Fix for a range of tooltips that would appear when the action was not available. Fix for Mob Spawner error that occurred after using a spawn egg to change what it should spawn. Fixes to End Gateway generation. Fix for End spawn location being in the wrong place. Added a particle effect and sound effect when a mob spawner fails to spawn due to spawn limits. Fix for crash when placing a Sign on top of Tall Grass. Stop End Crystals exploding when “TNT Explodes” is disabled. Fix for Hoppers not collecting items above them. Added new 11 achievements for Survival. Added new 7 achievements for Tumble.

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Battlefield 4 is still receiving strong support from Electronic Arts. Let’s see how the next update turns out to be

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) revealed Battlefield 1 as the next major installment in the highly-popular franchise this year and the publisher is hard at work to deliver the game in time for October launch. But that has not stopped the publisher from pouring some love for the players of Battlefield 4.

Even though the new installment is just months away from release, DICE is working to improve experience for players still enjoying their time on Battlefield 4. In an announcement this week, DICE said it is bringing a new update to the game which will make significant changes. A new interface overhaul is coming to Battlefield games. Previously, gamers were required to use a web browser-based interface to join servers, customize solider, and more. DICE is bringing a new interface which replaces it with an in-game interface.

This interface, DICE says, will add a centralized experience to all Battlefield games. Players will be able to create a squad with their friends before they dive into the game. A new recommendation engine will suggest relevant things for the player to deliver a quick experience. On top of that, DICE says players will be able to swap between games once they own Battlefield 1, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 4. This is perhaps what DICE means by a centralized experience.

The update is rolling out to only a few players and there will be more to share in the coming months. The new UI has started with Battlefield 4 and will be released for Battlefield 1 on launch, before finally adding to Battlefield Hardline.

It is a very commendable effort by DICE for all the support it has given to Battlefield 4 over the years. To think, Battlefield 4 launched as game with major issues and now stands as one of the best multiplayer first-person shooters with a significant number of players still investing time in the game. Not only that, DICE is also giving away all the paid downloadable-content to players for free.

The Country Caller takes a look at Shell’s gas discovery in Egypt

The companies involved in the oil and gas industry continue to search for new gas reserves amid mounting pressure from environmentalists and the overall sentiment of moving towards a much carbon free world. The Netherlands-based Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A) has managed to make a new gas discovery in Egypt. According to Reuters, the company’s latest discovery of the gas field comes in the Alam El-Shahwish area in the Western Desert.

The Egyptian chairperson for Shell, Aidan Murphy, seemed quite bullish on the prospects of the deal. According to Mr. Murphy, the preliminary expected reserves from the field were expected to be 500 billion cubic feet of gas. Mr. Murphy further has also held out the possibility of there being more reserves. According to him, the field is one of the largest discoveries in the western desert over the past few years.

From a legal point of view, it seems that the discovery is good to go. As reported by the Daily News Egypt, Mr. Murphy highlighted that Shell has already solicited the rights to explore for oil and natural gas in the area in 2012 and gotten into an agreement with the EGPC and Ministry of Petroleum in 2013.

The Shell-BG merger seems to be finally providing its fruits. Shell and BG merger was finalized in April this year and was one of the biggest mergers in the oil and gas space following a downturn in crude oil prices that began in 2014. Shell now seems to use BG’s technical expertise in natural gas to bring in about new discoveries.

Mr. Murphy indicated that Shell used some of the latest techniques that enabled it to make such a huge discovery. It seems to continue to gain more from BG’s expertise and put in more effort to discover new, lucrative gas fields.

A look as to why investing in the General Electric stock is a wise decision

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) stock has been up 10% compared to the last month. This is mainly because of booming demand for Jet Engines and Wind Turbines.

In addition, GE is positive for year 2017, having announced 3-5% revenue gain in guidance. The company has posted optimistic outlook on the back of its oil & gas business stabilizing in the future, reaping massive profits.

The stock was raised at Stone Bridge Capital Management Inc. by 6.1% in the third quarter(3Q). The fund owns 280,696 shares of General Electric after purchasing additional 16,255 shares.

In addition, Cwm LLC increased its stake in the Company by 90.3% during 3Q. The firm owns 170,221 shares after purchasing additional 80,779 shares. The move is positive for investors in general going forward with the New Year.

The year 2016 has been fruitful for the company. Firstly, things started to work out when Haier agreed to purchase its low-margin consumer appliance division; the deal indicates that the company is able to find buyers even for its low-performing segments.

Secondly, GE managed to merge its oil & gas segment with the oil field services company Baker Hughes (NYSE:BHI). Following the deal’s close, it has now become the second largest player in the industry.

Recent Developments

General Electric has announced plans to sell two of its industrial units in an attempt to raise $4 billion. The move is part of the company’s plans to cut down on operational expenses.

Stock Update

The GE stock traded at $31.60, plummeting 0.35% at the closing bell on Friday; it has gained 0.32% in pre-market today. Having a $278.58 billion market capitalization, General Electric has a price to earnings (P/E) ratio of 32.07 with a massive 1.44% year-over-year (YoY) gain.

iPhone 7 Plus models in Space Black as well as with and without Smart Connector have been spotted in the pictures

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 7 Plus images were leaked once again from an altogether familiar source of Chinese social media site Weibo, as 7 Plus models in a familiar Space Black color was spotted in the latest series of pictures.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus leaked images and rumors are almost a daily thing now for the last few months, and with the rumored launch date of September 7 approaching ever so quickly, expect the number of leaks to also increase with the passage of time. The latest leaked images have not sprung any surprises, however, as both the Space Black version of the iPhone 7 Plus and the inclusion of the magnetic Smart Connector have been talked about before.

What’s new in these pictures is that we get a first look at the dual-lens rear camera 7 Plus model in the Space Black color not seen since the time of iPhone 5. Also, photos of apparent screen assemblies of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have also been found, fueling rumors that a haptic-feedback or touch-sensitive Home button could be a real thing, as there seems to be no cutout for the physical Home button.

However, there is a curious thing to note about the leaked images. It seems that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models in the images without the Smart Connector only have “iPhone” branding on the back of the device. While the devices with Smart Connector at the back also have an “S” engraved below “iPhone”. This suggests that the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus models will sport the Smart Connector, and not the ones that will be launched next month.

At this point, everything regarding the upcoming flagship iPhone should be taken with a pinch of salt, as even reliable sources have come up with some outlandish claims at times, and run-of-the-mill sites with little credibility have also made huge claims. What’s certain, is that come September 7 – or 12 whichever you want to believe – a lot of sites will pull their collars up while a lot of others will be feeling a bit hot under theirs.

Industry blogger Evan Blass has tipped the launch date for the next flagship iOS device

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 7 is set to be launched this Fall, and well-known industry tipster, Evan Blass has now said that iPhone 7 would be launched worldwide in the week of September 12 during a special event.

Apple traditionally launches its flagship iPhone in September every year since the inception of the iPhone in 2007, and Blass posted the rumored launch date on his Twitter account where he is usually active and providing up to date news reports and rumors about the latest happenings in the smartphone sector. Mr. Blass was regarded as just another tipster on the social media, but it was in late 2015 and early 2016 that he really improved his reputation and gained the respect of industry experts when he provided up to date and accurate information about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

As for the latest tipped date for the iPhone 7, Apple last year launched the iPhone 6S on September 6, so the September 12 date doesn’t seem to be far-fetched or something out of the blue. We know from all the rumors so far that not a lot is about to be changed with the iPhone 7, with the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack being the biggest change from last year’s flagship iPhone.

Apart from the headphone jack, redesigned antenna bands at the back, a larger iSight rear camera lens, and a 32GB base model are some of the other changes tipped for iPhone 7. All those are rumors though, and we’re getting closer to getting the confirmation from Apple in the face of the official launch.

The anticipation of a new slimmer version has affected the console’s sales as expected

Sony Corp. (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) has officially launched the new version of PlayStation 4 that is slimmer and lighter than the current design. Announced this month at the PlayStation Meeting 2016 event, PlayStation 4 Slim boasts a redesign and a new $299 price tag.

News of a Slim version broke out days before the event when multiple units of the console made their way to some people. The console had been reviewed inside and out before Sony could even make the announcement public. It was confirmed that a new and cheaper PlayStation 4 console is on the way. The anticipation has likely played a role in last week’s Japanese console hardware sales.

The report from (via Gematsu) shows PlayStation 4 sold only 560 units between September 5 and September 11. The numbers were down from last week’s 1,204 units sold. In comparison, PlayStation 3 outsold the PlayStation 4 by 2:1. PlayStation Vita came at the second spot with 10,280 units sold, and Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s (OTCMKTS:NTDOY) New 3DS LL was the top selling system with 17,122 units.

This isn’t a worrisome situation. Once the new PlayStation 4 Slim is out in Japan, the console is likely to emerge among the top three if not at the top spot. New hardware is often received with much fervor, and in case of PlayStation 4 which has already been selling well around the globe, you can expect the same to occur, especially with the cheaper price.

Sony will also launch the high-end PlayStation 4 Pro in November. Hence, some customers may wait for the more powerful version with 4K capability instead of jumping to the standard model.

Amazon’s first live show will be about fashion, and available to all users for free Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is set to air its first live daily show, dubbed “Style Code Live,” which will primarily be based upon youth-centered themes like fashion, beauty, and life-style.

Style Code Live will debut tonight, Monday, March 8, and the live show will be available on streaming for free to all users at The show will be streaming live from Monday to Friday, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, with a reported run-time of 30 mins.

Amazon has signed up Frankie Grande – Ariana Grande’s half-brother – Lyndsey Rodrigues, and Rachel Smith to host the show, which will feature a lineup of guests to be rotated between the shows. Frankie Grande previously featured on CBS’s Big Brother, while Miss. Rodrigues appeared on MTV’s Total Request Live, and Rachel Smith was a correspondent for Good Morning America on ABC News.

Style Code Live will focus on providing viewers with daily tips about fashion, fads, and trends, and users will then also be able to shop for clothing, makeup, and other items featured on the show, in a gallery below the provided link for the live streaming.

According to the Head of Style Code Live, Munira Rahemtulla, Amazon hopes to create a community related to fashions and trends with the daily live show, by allowing and encouraging user participation and interaction through its live chat and call-in features. Moreover, founder of NYC fashion blog WeWoreWhat, Danielle Bernstein, will become the first guest of Style Code Live when she features on the show’s premiere.

Amazon is taking a gamble by going live for its first daily show, but if it manages to play this right, it could tap into a whole new segment. Live broadcasting based on a youthful subject like fashion and trends has all the potential to strike a chord with the viewers, and this could be an opportunity for Amazon to create a niche for its viewers which it could use for all its sectors later.

Fast Ring is one of the final steps before the improvements are made part of the actual release

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows 10 Insider Build 14931 has now been released for the Fast ring of the Insider team which includes more additions and improvements to the OS.

Redstone 2 has been in development for more than two months already, and we should start seeing the introduction of major features not too long from now. For this build, Dona Sakar notes in her blog post about the Insider Preview release that this update doesn’t include new features, but app updates instead.

First is the Feedback Hub that’s been updated to the latest version, and with it, two new features have been introduced that include a dark mode and a settings page for the author. Both were in-demand features from users and their introduction will be largely appreciated. Next is Maps on Windows 10 that’s also been updated to the latest version, and it also brings a dark mode and an option to change the app theme. Traffic details for your work and home routes have also been added so that you can stay on top of the situation on your routes.

Users can now also send and receive SMS and MMS messages using their Windows 10 PCs if Skype is set as the default messaging app on their Windows 10 Mobile device. Also, native support for USB Audio 2.0 has been added to the latest Insider Preview build. While it does not support a lot of functions but mostly audio playback only, users are encouraged to fiddle around with it for results.

There will be no difference in performance between the two consoles

Xbox One S is Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) one of the latest announcements in E3 2016 and following its reveal, news surfaced that the new slim revision actually has more power than the current Xbox One model. Gears of War 4’s director, Rod Fergusson, revealed this in an interview with Polygon.

Since Gears of War 4 is utilizing a dynamic scale that switches between resolutions depending on the action on screen, the developer said the extra performance could potentially lead to better performance on the new system. However, Microsoft has clarified that this is not the case. Speaking to Eurogamer, Albert Penello, stated that the extra performance was unlocked for developers to push HDR. As you know, the new Xbox One S supports 4K video output and High-Dynamic Range. According to Albert Penello, the performance will have “no impact” on games. In fact, it is so “insignificant” that it is surprising for him to see it getting attention.

On the other hand, the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirmed the very same aspect. Microsoft did not design the new Xbox One S to play games “better than the original Xbox One.” Mr. Spencer insists that people should not think about buying the new box expecting to experience better performance because “it was not designed to do that.”

A confirmation straight from Microsoft and two major figures clarified much ambiguity. It is safe to say that Xbox One S will uphold the very same tradition which all slim revisions in history brought forward over the original systems; smaller form factor, reduced power consumption and the same game performance.

If you want better game performance, then Microsoft has a product for you. Xbox One “Project Scorpio” is the third console in the family scheduled for Holiday 2017 launch. Unlike Xbox One S, it will feature upgraded hardware to deliver native 4K gaming. This is a console that is meant to usher in a new era and provide you with the option should you feel the need to upgrade for better performance.