February 2019


After years of neglect, Apple has finally realized that it has a huge potential in tapping the Indian smartphone market

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) did not rate India highly on its radar a few years ago but has finally realized just how pivotal the Indian market can be. For years, Apple had seemingly no interest in the Indian market, which was clearly one of the biggest markets for smartphones in the world.  Although Apple made it clear that it knew how valuable the Indian market was, the company always felt it could tap better potential from other countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

In 2012, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stated that the company was interested in India and that it would be investing in energy in the country but for the foreseeable future, there would be greater opportunities in other countries.  Apple has come a long way from making this statement 4 years ago, as recently Mr. Cook announced that India has become a very promising market for the tech giants.

Apple has realized that the way forward is to shift its focus from the premium smartphone segment for the Indian market and to target more affordable, refurbished phones that sell like hot cakes in the local market. The Indian market is extremely price sensitive, so a shift towards targeting this strategy would seem like a step in the right direction for the American tech giants.

In an interview with NDTV, Tim Cook stated that despite all the regulations that exist, the Indian market is definitely a top priority and the company intends on approaching the situation humbly. This way, the company intends to cement a string foot hold in the market for many years to come. In order to harness this potential, Mr. Cook has visited India recently to better understand the local market and to seek ways forward.

On his visit to India, Tim Cook inaugurated Apple’s Hyderabad office and also announced the tech giant’s plan of setting up a Smartphone apps accelerator by early 2017 in Bengaluru. The news would be a welcome boost to the Indian economy, as the new office will be hiring around 4000 employees. These two major projects come after the company invested millions of dollars, demonstrating just how valuable the Indian market has become for Apple.

Tim Cook also held several strategic meetings with India’s leading businesses like Tata group, Bharti Airtel and ICIC Bank. For now, no major investment news has sprung up but Apple might be up to something in the near future. It’s no coincidence either that Tim Cook’s visit to India has come at a time when the company’s growth rate is slowing down in China, Apple’s second largest market, and sharply rising in India. While the revenue from the Indian market has risen by an astonishing 56%, it has also fallen in the Chinese market for the first time.

Second quarter earnings are expected to have better results; Wells Fargo amongst the top

Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) remains to be amongst the favorite bank stocks amongst the investors. We narrow down the reasons why Wells Fargo is a great buy ahead of the second quarter earnings release on July 15.

The net revenues are expected to increase 3% year-over-year (YoY) at $22.3 billion, according to Bloomberg data. The net revenues reported in the second quarter last year were $21.6 billion.  

According to consensus data by Bloomberg, total revenues for Wells Fargo are expected to come in at $22.3 billion, 3% higher than the same period last year. In 2Q15, the company reported revenues of $21.6 billion. Moreover, the earnings per share (EPS) is also expected to jump 1% YoY, at $1.04. Analyst expect the earnings to be driven by strong loan portfolio as it has the largest loan portfolio in the industry. Mortgage lending remains the strongest area for Wells Fargo despite the low interest rates. 

Several investors may think that the strong dollar may drive the revenues down for multinational corporations, but Wells Fargo earnings are expected to remain resilient due to its little exposure in risky trades and investment banking. This can be related to the impact from Brexit, as Wells Fargo has minimal impact due to its focus in US more than its large cap peers. As a result, Wells Fargo is less sensitive to impact from the global events.

After passing the 2016 stress test, Wells Fargo is to continue paying its shareholders dividends of $0.38 per share. Wells Fargo’s dividend yield is highest amongst its peers of 3.4%. Higher dividend yield with stronger balance sheets makes Wells Fargo an attractive buy. Even Warren Buffet has valued Wells Fargo one of the most favored stocks as he recently requested for a share increase to 10%.

In May, Wells Fargo held the Investors Day where several targets were announced ranging from market dominance to technological innovations, such as introduction of mobile wallet. Wells Fargo is also prepared for potential energy losses by increasing its reserves.

According to Nasdaq data, 11 analyst suggest a Strong Buy, 3 recommend a Buy, 7 prefer a Hold, while only 2 suggest a Sell.

The app crashes caused by links are now fixed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the latest update

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS 9.3.1 is now available for download, and it includes the fix for the annoying Safari link bug which caused several apps like Mail, Messages and Safari to crash.

iOS 9.3 hit iPhones, iPods and iPads around the world when it launched on March 21, alongside the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7. The highlight of the update is Apple’s reading mode brightness setting, “Night Shift” which makes its debut in iOS 9.3, alongside other security and stability patches.

The update package available for download weighs around 35MB, and describes the app crash instances as ‘unresponsiveness after tapping links on Safari and other apps’. The update is labeled build 13E238 and users can download the package in a few minutes depending on their internet connection.

The software update is available as usual as an Over the Air (OTA) package, and users can also install it via iTunes if they wish to do so. For update via iTunes, connect your iOS device to a Mac or PC, open iTunes, click on Summary and click on “Search for Update”. Afterwards, your update process should begin, once you’ve agreed to the Terms and Conditions as usual.

iOS 9.3 has faced several issues after its release, the biggest of which was the app crashing issue when tapping on a link in the Safari browser. Apart from this, several users had encountered an Activation Screen bug which users had to face after updating older devices to the latest version of iOS. It doesn’t seem like this update includes any bug fix for that, but Apple should address that concern really soon.

Limited edition accessories will feature Mickey Mouse and are expected to be a positive growth driver for Coach

Coach Inc (NYSE:COH) is a luxury brand for fashion accessories originating from the United States. It deals in accessories for both men and women and features a wide variety of handbags, outerwear, innerwear, watches, jewelry, etc. The company was founded back in 1941 as a workshop in Manhattan by Mr. Dawn Hughes and its headquarters are now located in New York. The company’s management is headed by Mr. Victor Luis and Jane Nielsen serving the company as CEO and CFO respectively.

Coach has recently announced a partnership with Disney in order to produce a wide variety of accessories including hand bags. The collection will mostly feature leather accessories and is announced as a limited edition. Piper Jaffray analyst, Erinn Murphy sees the Disney x Coach 1941 partnership as a large positive for Coach and believes it will help Coach bring growth to it its comparable same store sales in the fourth quarter of FY16. Coach unveiled the collection in an event held on Friday June 10, in high end specialty boutiques, one of which is located in Paris, while, the other is situated in Soho, New York.

The limited edition products will be available for sale on all coach outlets and the company’s website,, from June 17. This is the second time Coach has partnered with Disney for the production of cartoon themed accessories as they previously partnered towards the end of 2014 to produce Snoopy themed products. Ms. Murphy expects the collaboration to be a huge success which is supported by the fact that it received more than 13,700 likes in the first 24 hours on Instagram far outpacing the average of 7,200 likes on similar posts.

Piper Jaffray reiterated the overweight rating of the stock with a price target of $47.00. COH stock is covered by 37 analysts; out of which 5 rate the stock as a Strong Buy, 10 rate the stock as a Buy, two rate the stock as a Hold and two rate it as an Underperform.