September 2018


Will this bring back the game’s lost players?

Over the past few days, we have received quite a bit of news regarding Pokémon Go and its upcoming features. Niantic has revealed details regarding its upcoming Buddy System, Pokémon Go Plus and if that wasn’t enough, the surprise guest appearance of the game’s CEO, John Hanke gave information regarding its upcoming Pokémon Go Apple Watch App at Apple’s reveal event.

If you haven’t been following the news, here’s a summary video by none other than your everyday Pokémon YouTuber, Trainer Tips. The video consists of details regarding everything that is going to be added to the game in the coming days. Check out the video below:

So to state the summary, three new features are being added to Pokémon Go. The first is the brand new Buddy System. This new feature will allow players to pick one Pokémon as their Buddy and are going to be able to walk with the creature throughout the game. Upon walking a certain distance, the trainer will receive rewards which also include Pokémon candies. We believe the update will be released sometime in the coming week.

The new addition to the Pokémon Go world isn’t actually new, as it was announced back when the game was about to be released. However, the release date for the wearable device is September 16, as announced recently. The device will allow players to track and catch Pokémon without taking their phones out of their pockets. And that’s not all. It will also give players the ability to track down nearby Pokestops.

The third and final feature was just recently announced and that too during Apple’s reveal event for its brand new iPhone 7. Pokémon Go CEO John Hanke released details regarding an all new Pokémon Go App that will work only on Apple Watches. This app will work just like the Pokémon Go Plus device, but with an added advantage of a display.

Moreover, the app will also allow players to track down their eggs, XP points and some other exciting new features. The app will be releasing sometime in the coming days, however, players speculate that the app will be released with the brand new series 2 Apple Watch.

Oracle Corporation reiterated as Buy by UBS

Analyst Brent Thill at UBS maintained Buy rating for Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL), after the company announced a shift in its strategy and reversed its strategic viewpoint regarding LaaS and PaaS. It now clearly appears to aim towards Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Service) dominance.

The analyst noted that its much awaited and expanded slate of a range of Cloud Infra Offerings appear to compete with its margin-rich, entrenched and on-premise portfolio. However, this appears to be the right shift in strategy for the company to protect its core, despite it seems to be very much painful at outset.

The UBS analyst mentioned some of the positives regarding the stock, which included its ability to deliver on the front of a truly hybrid vision for future. It also has robustness on the front of core tech. Also, other positives included deepening Cloud Infra engineering, the hindsight-driven advantage related to innovation etc.

The analyst also questioned if Oracle Corporation could navigate this phase of transition in a profitable way or not, considering the structural lower margin and price competitive dynamics of the market, and Oracle’s small and current scale (Laas/Paas run rate and ARR bookings of around $400 million as compared to Amazon Web Services around $12 billion run rate revenues). The Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) leaders of hyperscale players, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, have already attained $28 billion, $20 billion and $11 billion respectively in the past three years as compared to Oracle’s $3 billion.

The analyst has made no changes to the price target for the stock of $44.00. The stock performance for the year has been substantial, i.e. 7.29%, which reflects the investors’ confidence in the stock. However, it has recently started to decline and has resulted in a drop of 3.91% in past one month of trading.