Alphabet Inc (GOOGL): Android Phone Owners Must Not Miss out on What ‘The Rock Clock’ Has to Offer

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The app is available for iOS devices as well

Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) Android phone owners that are not entirely satisfied with their stock alarm app will be pleased to know that they can get things done with the help of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s motivational alarm clock app available for free on the Play Store.

The idea behind the app is simple, The Rock wants to aid all those who have a hard time getting up early, which is why ‘The Rock Clock’ does not come up with a snooze button.

The app is designed to help people reach their goals, which can be set accordingly. So if you wish to lose weight, you can set the goal; timed or indefinite, that is your choice.

The Rock will sing and motivate you through the app for those times when you may lose hope. Additionally, the app has 25 different ringtones that have been created by The Rock himself, which should keep things interesting.

On the other hand, The Rock sends inspirational videos through the app as well. But the most interesting feature of them all is ‘Rock Time’. Basically, the app will synchronize your alarm time with Johnson’s once enabled.

That being said, the app is available for iOS devices as well, and it will serve brilliantly for all those people who either can’t wake up on time in the morning or are unable to meet goals.

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